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If you want to connect your computer to your TV, the first thing you need to do is look at the option(s) that your computer gives you.

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Why we recommend this router is that comes DD-WRT enabled which allows you take use of your Pro VPN from HMA to virtually reside in the USA.If so, then you can just use that instead of needing the router.I would like HMA to watch BBC2 in london and also the US netflix.

Back in September 2010 when Netflix first launched in Canada, there was about 7,500 titles available to Canadians.

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Hey Lori, thanks for reading and leaving your question as a comment.When I look online to buy the Roku it says that it is the Canadian version.I am trying to find out if I can do any of the above with my WD Live TV Media Player.Is there a way to lock the network wifi running on the router.

Sign in to the iTunes Store on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV. Sign in to the iTunes Store on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch,.I was planning to purchase the above mentioned players across the border in the US.How to Watch US Netflix on an iPad in the UK 0. are located within one of the supported regions and you will be allowed to both stream and sign up for Netflix,.

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You could always look to simply tether your computer to your TV.

If you choose to set up your VPN connection the manual way, I recommend setting up 3-5 VPN connections and add the city name in the description.How to Watch Netflix USA in Canada with This Free VPN on iPhone, iPad.If you have any questions or need some help setting this up the fastest way is to drop us a note at our.Using a cable to tether your iPad to your TV is one of the ways that I watch the American Netflix in Canada but I use my iPhone.

Once you get HMA you will be able to access their 139 servers and 17,583 unique IP addresses in the Unites States with ease.I have signed up for Netflix, I want to access the US library.There are other options then a DD-WRT enabled router as well.Check to see if you need the Bell router for your internet connection.

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I Checked to see if airplay on my iphone was in fact working, and it was as it would airplay other online content.

If you ignore that and go to watch your show you should be able to.You will probably have to have the DD-WRT enabled router where you will house HMA.I cancelled my trial Canadian account, turned on HMA then created an American account.Or, keep it really simple and just tether a computer to your TV using a HDMI cable.I also have an XBOX 360, so I would be willing to do that as well.Many people already have this option at their disposal but do not know about it.

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Wondering are you or have you heard of anyone using a virtual US ip address that is experiencing the same issues as i have recently.Netflix is one of the most popular paid streaming services on the internet, and allows you to stream a wide variety of movies and TV shows to your.Please do me a huge favor and the site with your friends on facebook or even send them a quick email.Another great way to access the US Netflix library in Canada is directly from on your computer.In order to access the US content you will need HMA (which you already have) and your Canadian Netflix account.I just purchased a new D-Link Cloud Router 2000 Dual Band Gigabit.

Click here for the section of the guides that covers how to set this up.For the full guide on getting Pandora in Canada please check out:.If you have found this guide to be helpful please it with your friends on Facebook.HowToGetItIn Canada. co m has figured out a great way for you to easily access some of the movies and shows available only on the US version of right from your computer.This is starting to add up but perhaps I can cut the cord with our cable company.I have a Smart LG tv, but it does not show the Pandora logo on it.

HMA makes watching the American version of Netflix on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch so simple thanks to their iOS app.There should a port where you can plug an ethernet cable into your Sasktel modem and then plug the other side of that cable into your DD-WRT enabled router.If I understand correctly with HMA which I now subscribe to it will bring me to the US Netflix site.I have been enjoying Netflix USA, Hulu, Hulu Plus, NHL Game Centre Live, and the works.

Wirelessly, the router is very fast (it was built for gaming) but you can also connect your Apple TV with a Ethernet cable directly to the router improving your streaming experience.When you have HMA you will also be able to access US-based sites like Hulu and Hulu Plus.