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It was also one of the first regularly scheduled network shows to be telecast in color beginning sporadically in September 1957, with regular color broadcasts beginning in September 1960.It also includes the announcer trying to persuade Conan to play a game by using a rhyming sentence in which he refers to him as CoCo.One was of Henry Winkler as his Happy Days character Arthur Fonzarelli (whose hand positioning caused Conan to comment that he had just finished up at the urinal), and the other was a creepy-looking figure of Tom Cruise.Tonight Show Hashtags: Fallon puts out a call on Twitter each Wednesday for actual viewers to submit funny or absurd tweets based around a particular hashtag topic.

On March 19, 2009, The Tonight Show became the first late-night talk show in history to have the sitting President of the United States as a guest, when President Barack Obama visited.

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The Early Years: Matt Lauer left Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, four credits shy of a journalism degree, choosing instead his first career step, as a news producer at a Huntington, W.V., television station.In 1972, the show moved to Burbank, California into Studio One of NBC Studios West Coast (although it was announced as coming from nearby Hollywood ) for the remainder of his tenure.However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications.

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He officially announced his departure after 18 years on April 12, 2010, with his final episode airing May 28.

The show was broadcast under the title The Tonight Show during this interregnum, with Skitch Henderson returning as bandleader.

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As part of the transition to Fallon, The Tonight Show would be brought back to New York City after 42 years in Southern California.See more Science and Technology timelines. Browse. Timeline.

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For the current incarnation of the series, see The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.Skitch Henderson was the bandleader during the Steve Allen and early Carson years, followed briefly by Milton DeLugg (who had previously led the band on Broadway Open House and later became the musical director of The Gong Show ).Jack Paar and Democratic presidential candidate, U.S. Senator John F.

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The months between Paar and Carson were filled by a series of guest hosts including Art Linkletter (4 weeks), Merv Griffin (4 weeks), Hugh Downs (2 weeks), Joey Bishop (2 weeks), Bob Cummings, Jack Carter, Jan Murray, Peter Lind Hayes, Soupy Sales, Mort Sahl, Steve Lawrence, Jerry Lewis, Jimmy Dean, Florence Henderson, Arlene Francis, Jack E.The Today Show is nowadays one of the most popular television shows in the United States.This premiered in 1953 on WNBT-TV, (now broadcasting as WNBC-TV), the local station affiliate in New York City.The early years saw Matt growing his career by accepting positions in Boston, Philadelphia, Providence, R.I., and Richmond, Va, and New York City.An early attempt at airing the show in the United Kingdom during the 1980s was unsuccessful, sparking jokes by Carson.

The sketch is always accompanied by increasingly elaborate animations in which the bird from the Twitter logo is repeatedly killed.

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It is broadcast on CNBC Europe, usually three nights after it has been shown in the U.S. The show is screened at 10.30 p.m. AEDST weeknights on The Comedy Channel in Australia, where new episodes are shown hours after its American broadcast.

Prior to the debut of Saturday Night Live in October of 1975, NBC aired The Best of Carson on Saturday nights at 11:30 pm.

On April 26, 1999, the show started broadcasting in 1080i HDTV, becoming the first American nightly talk show to be shot in that format.On March 1, 2010, Jay Leno returned to The Tonight Show, with Wally Wingert as his announcer.Leno asks people questions about current news and other topics in public areas around Los Angeles (usually Hollywood Boulevard, Melrose Avenue or Universal Studios).Rickey Minor was announced as his replacement, and took over on June 7.

The Tonight Show is an American late-night talk show currently broadcast from the NBC studios in Rockefeller Center in New York City (and previously from various studios in the Los Angeles region) and airing on NBC since 1954.Jamie looks back on all of the mainstream media bull crap and the liberal agendas of anchors like Matt Lauer and Bryant Gumbel as we marks the 65th Anniversa.He is married to Annette Roque and the couple has two children and are expecting a third.

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Leonard, Alexander King, Robert Merrill and Buddy Hackett.The format of The Tonight Show can be traced to a nightly 40-minute local program in New York, hosted by Allen and originally titled The Knickerbocker Beer Show (after the sponsor).