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In this post I want to share tips for you steemiter who work as networker, how to configure proxy server to block all sites and only allow some sites only.Running a linux distro on android devices is a hot topic these days, and why not.

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It comes with the ability to restart services which have failed.After all, android is already based on linux kernel, but a pretty much locked-down.

Having experience with both and i kinda like both, but arch a bit more. Arch is.Monit is a small Open Source utility for managing and monitoring Unix systems.Monit is a free and open source software that acts as process supervision.

I know that officially GoToMeeting supports only Mac and Win.There are so many out there that it's become quite...The post How to use KVM from the command line on Debian or Ubuntu appeared first on Xmodulo.How to use systemd for system administration on Debian Author:. on Linux, unless they manually.Originally organized into Stable, Testing, and Unstable, additional.

This document describes how to install and configure a printer using CUPS (the Common UNIX Printing System).

To use PGP to exchange secure emails you have to bring together three programs: GnuPG, Mozilla Thunderbird and Enigmail. How to: Use PGP for Linux.

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Various Debian packages are provided in the MySQL Developer Zone for installing different components of MySQL on different Debian or Ubuntu.

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Well, here is the deal.In this post, I will describe 7 best Linux distro for your laptop which is really made for Laptop.Assume a hypothetical situation: I have a completely offline computer.

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I have tried Linux desktop (or laptop) a few times, but it has never.

Install Debian Linux on a Android tablet (Real emulator). 024 TV 5,352 views. 10:45. How to use Debian 7 - Duration: 3:32.The first major package format created for Linux is the debian format or debs.

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Hi there, I know that cvsup can be used to update source files on FreeBSD.