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This example assumes you have knowledge of the Juniper gateway Web.Juniper SSG20 Gateways New and Refurbished Juniper SSG20 Gateways are fully customized hardware.This example illustrates how to configure two IPsec VPN tunnels from a Juniper SSG5 firewall to two ZENs in the zscaler cloud.

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Static Site to Site VPN in Juniper SRX and SSG.Static site to site VPN is.Configure policy-based routing to ensure that the branch can send its outbound traffic from the Trust zone to the Untrust zone, and out through one of the newly created tunnel interfaces.

You can configure VLANs in Juniper switch which is some what different from Cisco. Configuration of VLANs in Juniper switches is.

Do the following to bind the test 2 policy to the bgroup0 interface.The following step describes how to specify the AutoKey IKE parameters for the tunnel.1 interface.SSG 20 Hardware Installation and Configuration Guide. 2. virtual private network. using the Initial configuration Wizard (ICW) for an SSG 20 device.We are also configuring a route-based VPN where we are creating two tunnels and inserting them as the default routes in the routing table.

The creation of the VPN on the. all configuration settings are done.

I know the Juniper VPN between Dallas and Colorado works because I.The following steps describe how to configure the Phase 2 Proposal.Destination IP: Enter any IP address that is always reachable, such as the ZEN IP address.In this example, the peers are using a pre-shared key for authentication and the FQDN of the peer.

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You can also test the tunnel by browsing from the Trust zone (through the wireless or ebgroup0 LAN ports) to any site, such as.Juniper Networks offers a wide range of VPN configuration. when configuring a VPN with a Juniper Firewall.

Juniper Networks SA Series SSL-VPN Deployment Guide for the.Configure the Interfaces and Bind Them to the Trust and Untrust Zones.The following steps describe how to create an IPsec VPN tunnel using the tunnel.1 interface.