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For example, Cisco is a commercial organization that the IP identifies by a com domain name, so its domain name is A specific device in this domain, the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) system, for example, is identified as an organization, you can have many name servers, but Internet clients can query only those that the root name servers know.The subset of Probe that performs address resolution is called Virtual Address Request and Reply.IP routing is automatically enabled in the Cisco IOS software.

To configure the NHRP triggering and teardown of SVCs based on traffic rate, perform the tasks described in the following sections.To locate documentation of other commands that appear in this chapter, use the command reference master index, or search online.A router configured with NAT must not advertise the local networks to the outside.The two networks are brought into the same logical network through the use of secondary addresses.In this context, advertised means how long the Cisco IOS software tells other routers to keep the addresses it is providing in NHRP responses.Note that a subnet cannot appear on more than one active interface of the router at a time.These commands allow you to map one virtual host to many real hosts.If your network devices require connectivity with devices in networks for which you do not control name assignment, you can assign device names that uniquely identify your devices within the entire internetwork.Many other routers, especially those loaded with host-based routing software, do not support it.

If the query is for a domain name that is under its zone of authority but for which it does not have any configuration information, the authoritative name server simply replies that no such information exists.Once a media or MAC address is determined, the IP address or media address association is stored in an ARP cache for rapid retrieval.

Route maps allow you to match any combination of access-list, new-hop IP address, and output interface to determine which pool to use.Similarly, SVCs can be torn down when traffic falls to another configured rate.This section provides examples of debugging output that is logged when a router is configured as an authoritative name server for its own local host table and the debug domain command is in effect.However, if you need the entire subnet space for your IP address, use the following command in global configuration mode to enable subnet 0.

A name server may also store information about other parts of the domain tree.To redistribute the mobile routes into your existing IGP configuration, use the following commands in configuration mode.To configure the format in which netmasks appear for an individual line, use the following command in line configuration mode.

To specify one or more hosts (up to six) that can function as a name server to supply name information for the DNS, use the following command in global configuration mode.The Next Hop Server selection procedure typically involves performing a routing decision based upon the network layer destination address of the NHRP request.

As mentioned previously, the term inside refers to those networks that are owned by an organization and that must be translated.The official description of IP addresses is found in RFC 1166, Internet Numbers.When an IP phone attempts to connect to the CCM and it matches the configured NAT translation rules, NAT will translate the original source IP address and replace it with one from the configured pool.These applications may not work transparently or at all through a NAT device.Allows the Cisco IOS software to respond to HP Probe Proxy name requests.

The process of determining the IP address from a local data-link address is called reverse address resolution.

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Specifies the inside interface and enters interface configuration mode.This responding station either serves the destination, is the destination itself, or is a client that specified it should receive NHRP requests when it registered with its server.If you disable classless routing, and a router receives packets destined for a subnet of a network that has no network default route, the router discards the packet.To enable forwarding and to specify the destination address, use the following command in interface configuration mode.Sets the length of time an ARP cache entry will stay in the cache.Note For DNS-based X.25 routing, the debug x25 events command supports functionality to describe the events that occur while the X.25 address is being resolved to an IP address using a DNS server.To change timeouts on extended entries, use the following commands in global configuration mode as needed.

Instead of changing them, which can be a considerable amount of work, you can translate them by using NAT.

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You can also specify the Network Disk (ND) protocol, which is used by older diskless Sun workstations, and you can specify the network security protocol, Software Defined Network Service (SDNS).Similarly, NHRP will tear down the SVC when the traffic for that destination drops to 0 kbps over a running average of 30 seconds.The limitations of this method are that there is no means of detecting when the default router has gone down or is unavailable, and there is no method of picking another device if one of these events should occur.

By default, classless routing behavior is enabled on the router.The debug domain command can be used along with debug x25 events to observe the whole DNS-based X.25 routing data flow.

The following sections describe how to configure address resolution methods.DAs that match an access list are replaced with addresses from a rotary pool.If your Cisco hardware has a Virtual Interface Processor, version 2 adapter, you must perform the following task to change the sampling time.A logical NBMA network is considered the group of interfaces and hosts participating in NHRP and having the same network identifier.