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I found out 6 months ago by trial and error that this was true.

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As a result they can all FaceTime me whichever email they know.Unless it has been changed before, the default email address is always the first email account that has.My problem is having to duplicate sign-in, purchases, downloads, etc.How to Stop AutoPlay Videos in App Store on iPhone and iPad in iOS.

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Rarely, some users may need to change the email address associated with their Apple ID, and this guide will walk through how to change the email address linked to an Apple ID.Tips to change your Email Address associated with iCloud and iTunes.

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The Apple ID is an email address. How to Change the Apple ID (iTunes Account) on Your iPad.I want to strongly support your recommendation not to change your email address associated with your Apple account unless you really have to.

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I have a serious problem here: I would like to change my apple id to the email address that I mainly use which happens to be the alternate email.

It is generally not advised to change your iTunes and App Store.My early purchases are on the ID I started out with and my later purchases are on my new ID.To change an email address on an iTunes account simply log in to the account and click on the Edit.I now want to change to my current account but cannot find a way to do this. Need to change email account linked to store CH. (email).Once you are on the Settings tab you can change your name, email address or credit card information.

Again, you are not changing the Apple ID itself that is logged into a device, it is simply changing the email address that is used for a specific Apple ID account.This came about when Apple Forced changes upon users, so I do not want to make more changes and gain another Apple ID.The redesigned App Store is one of the biggest takeaways in iOS 11.

Pick one account and use that exclusively if possible, it will make things easier.How to Change your App Store and iTunes Store. ect, say that you have to change your iTunes Store location is because of licensing.You can change your Apple ID from your account page or from your iOS device with 10.3. When you change your email address,.

How to Change Your iCloud Account. Do so by typing the email address and password associated with your Apple ID into the labeled.Also, the help Center (that I was forced to call) told me the email WAS the Apple ID.But yes, much of the data that comes from your iCloud account will be gone.

One of many reasons I would not recommend changing an Apple ID or the email address associated with one.Doing this will kind of change a lot of things, remove a lot of purchases and apps when you try to sync or reset.If you ever encounter any of the above reason be sure to change your email address as this. your music, doing what iTunes. to Change iCloud e-mail Address.If the email address associated with your. of your iTunes purchases.

You have to sync her iphone to her own itunes account on a computer. 1. Open up itunes and go to the itunes store. 2. Check the email address at the upper right hand.Then, go the other devices, being sure to follow the list of directions.

Also, if you tried to fiddle with it too many times, you were locked out for, I think, 24 hours.If you want to change the email address associated with your. change your email address.

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My iTunes Apple ID email address does not exist anymore, so I have to change the email address to get the bills of my buys.Once you make this change then all future instances of logging into an iOS device, iPhone, iPad, Mac, iCloud, iTunes, or elsewhere will use the new email address you changed to.