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VPN Service is the only reliable way to bypass all those strict firewalls in China.Best China VPN to Bypass the Great Chinese Firewall Surf the Internet with Complete Freedom and Anonymity in China.After doing some research, here are 3 of what we believe are the best China IP VPNs.Most VPNs are quite easy to install on your computer via download from an official website or app store.

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Unfortunately, the use of Shadowsocks is pretty hit or miss these days.In addition to that, in the current times, whatever information you try to send or receive using a Chinese IP address, it will be easily tracked right back to you.

You will also want to choose a VPN that has many servers on the West coast of the U.S., Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, as these locations usually have the best performance for China users.The best VPNs for China will employ special methods to mask the VPN-use signal.China is a BIG country and is served by different ISPs (China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom).The Iphone app uses the IPsec VPN protocol which will automatically reconnect to the server if the connection is dropped.Overall ExpressVPN is a solid choice for those looking for a reliably fast VPN app when in China.Unless you can read Chinese, we recommend you stay away from these services.

I am staying in Northern China regularly and had tried both Express VPN and After a month of use, I had ask for a refund in Express VPN cos the connection.After our research experts looked over 100 VPNs, we discovered that not all of them would allow you to bypass the Chinese firewall.In that way you will be able to access any web page you want to.You ultimately take a new route onto the Internet and that route is encrypted from view.Previous article Woman Makes Daughters Take Care Of Her, Gives Money To Sons.With the help of a VPN Serivce you will be getting a new IP address from another country of your choice.Unfortunately, not all VPN services offer official apps on both iOS and Android (or Windows phone).

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Be aware that some VPN services will be actively blocked during certain times of the year (such as Chinese New Year).The Great Firewall not only blocks VPN services but also their websites so.VPNs are used all the time for internal networks of companies and schools.

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Download the ExpressVPN app for your desktop (PC or Mac) from the ExpressVPN website.Some VPN company official websites are blocked as well in China, though there are usually unblocked mirror sites that can be used.Feed The Best VPN for China: Our Top 3 Choices (Apr 2017) Woman Makes Daughters Take Care Of Her, Gives Money To Sons Woman Faces Family Pressure Because Of Poor Boyfriend Pictures of Gold-Covered Bride Draws Internet Attention Woman Discards Her Food On Shanghai Metro.A proxy can be a great alternative to a VPN if all you need is your web browser.

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When you first open the app, you will be prompted to give you security key.

The pesky Firewall of China uses sophisticated methods to block content.This is because your internet traffic is being encrypted and routed to another server before reaching the intended target.PureVPN is the best VPN to use for streaming CCTV online as it has the largest collection of servers located in the United States, UK and Canada.They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee which is quite generous.

There have been reports of free peer-to-peer VPN networks being used by botnets to do illegal or spammy activities.Coming from a country where news is just news and people are entitled to speak freely about their opinions, it can be hard to adjust to a country where this is frowned upon.Android users will have trouble downloading and installing the Astrill VPN app in China since the Google Play Store itself is blocked in China (and needs a VPN to access it).

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Here are some things to look for when choosing a VPN for China.

However, people wanting to torrent on their computer, use other web apps or smartphone apps, will need to use a VPN.

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Many people have a misconception about VPN service that this technology is being used only by businesses.

Our 2017 Best VPN for China Guide reveals which China VPN services work best to access Google and Facebook, have the fastest reliable speeds, and are the easiest to use.

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