Sonicwall vpn connection drops

I found this to be a much faster approach then following the wizard even.When the site to site VPN drops, we still get a repsonse from Also when connected to the GVPN client from a laptop and the site to site VPN client drops, the GVPN is still up and running.Also, with a site-to-site VPN you actually see multiple tunnels show in the VPN listing if you are routing multiple nets on each side of the VPN itself and those multiple tunnels consume the allocated VPN tunnels that an individual firewall can support.

I tried getting this going on my own, and have had some success.For Name fill in the name that you will be giving the OTHER Sonicwall (the one at the other end of the VPN tunnel).I am having an issue with my VPN connection I keep dropping my connection with Outlook to my exchange server.If I do get any news, I will post back - expect it to be a few days as I am off until next week.Netbios over Sonicwall tz170 VPN Connection I have a new Sonicwall tz170 and VPN setup.

The first option I can interact with is Authentication Method.We saw some firewall rules not applying until a reboot and we have changed the firewall settings a bit since resetting the device.The problem is that users in the Cisco LANs can only access the Sonic firewall and not hosts in the Sonic LAN.

Keep in touch with Experts Exchange Tech news and trends delivered to your inbox every month.I managed to hack my way around and figured out what the problem was.I have confirmation with the engineer in our other site about setting up the site to site VPN.I would recheck the settings for both Local and Remote Networks and verify you have covered your bases.Thinking it was the phone I tried multiple times to reconfigure account on phone with no success.

The internet link to the site does not drop out so I can access the mgmt interface over the web.For example I cant connect to from our shop 192.168.5.x until I ping our shop from the 101.9 address.Now I have to change my MX records to point to the public IP address of my Master SonicWall.

Sonicwall2: Local Network (192.168.3.x, 192.168.4.x), Remote Network (192.169.1.x, 192.168.2.x).BUT what bothers me and can cause havoc is, if the VPN connection between them and our Head Office Network goes down for any reason (Ex: No-IP mess up in renewal of dynamic IP).I thought these were supposed to sit along side each other and traffic would use the most direct route.As soon as I changed the default gateway of my Exchange server to the master SonicWall, I was able to get email traffic (both WLAN and LAN) through the VPN and with the WLAN interface bridged to the LAN.

Sonicwall NetExtender and Global VPN Client cause packet loss and drops. You now have packet loss and corruption over the SSL-VPN connection.There is nothing in the logs that I can see which points to a possible cause.

An example of how multiple networks display under a VPN policy follows.Finally, if you get nowhere and have Sonicwall support then best bet is to open a case with them and, if you have to, push hard for it to go to second or even third-tier support.I will try and get this done, but it involves an engineer in another site.The reason I do this is the process pretty much never fails, is easy to troubleshoot and can be completed in minutes.I will caution you that you may have little success trying to set up VPN between a Sonicwall and a consumer-grade firewall.

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In other words, I think Site C has to have a route that says traffic for B and A have to route through A and the Sonicwall needs to know that traffic can come from C though A heading for B.Do services behind a Sonicwall fail and timeout exactly at 15 minutes (900 seconds).There is not any traffic flowing through this connection most of the time.You might have the Sonicwall itself pulling DNS properly (for its own settings) but have something different in the DHCP scope settings.

It is a router modem, so I believe a phone cable RJ11 plugs in to the modem, then the routers plugs in to the SW device.As you can see, this tunnel knows about 3 separate networks at the other end.