The assembly mscorlib.dll was not found

Mono is using mscorlib.dll 2.0 instead of 4.0 in Ubuntu

But in my case, it turned out there was a missing assembly, but the exception message said a type could not be loaded from an assembly that existed.I have a command line tool written and compiled under Windows, 3.5SP1. I would like to run it on Linux using Mono.Each of those files will need to be in the same directory as the manifest-containing file.So, if the same exact reference is requested twice in the same process, it will only show up once in fuslogvw.I have Web app and 2 Class Library compiled as dll in one solution(datalayer and business layer).

T4 Template error - Assembly Directive cannot locate

What happens then is that if later I try to load another assembly using LoadFrom, then if this assembly references those already loaded in ASP.NET cache, they fail to load if they have a different strong version.

In COM there used to be the InProcServer32 key that gave the path to the executable, but there is no such equivalent only way I set it to work is when I copied the managed assemblies to the IE dir.So, it is by design that it is trying to load it from there when loading by display name.Great info, but not quite what I need after reading everything.

monodoc.dll looking for missing method in mscorlib.dll

The web app loads up the assemblies in the bin directory looking for certain types.I found that the defective solution without any modifications would compile and run perfectly, when I rename the base folder which contains it, or when I copy it into another folder, or when I run it on a different machine.

“ssleay32.dll Not Found.” “This application has failed to load because ssleay32.dll file was not found.” “Cannot start Winsxs A necessary component is...Unity Account You need a Unity Account to shop in the Online and Asset Stores, participate in the Unity Community and manage your license portfolio.

I am trying to do setup and deployment using Visual Studio 2005.Details: mscorlib: Cannot find the assembly: Category: Development:.On some machine I get the above message which sometime allows my application to work after the display and sometime it crashes my application.Gets the object with the specified name in the assembly instance, with the options of ignoring the case, and of throwing an exception if the type is not found.For FileNotFoundException: At the bottom of the log will be the paths that Fusion tried probing for this assembly.

DrpCustomIpp2.dll Not Found or Missing Error – How to Fix

For whatever reason though, the ASP.NET application always fails.I can browse around its functions and look at their IL without any errors from either program.I was hoping to find something that explained a bit about what was going on for each line in the log.A debugging session showed the assembly is loaded correctly, then the CreateInstance causes the creation of an object located in this already loaded assembly.So, the code with the incomplete reference will need to be updated.I have tried with domain admin accounts as well as local admin accounts.Did you try to use app.config to set supportedRuntime to.NET 4 on Windows first.

WRN: A duplicate assembly was found while copying the assembly item to the cache.I have a windows service that uses the same exception publishing assemblies, and it works beautifully.All I can see is a little square as placeholder for the control.Even though fuslogvw states to have loaded all current assembly versions, and even though all assembly versions in my bin folder are up-to-date, an older copy is loaded from somewhere, and I assume this happens after a file had been locked (an assumption based on when it happens).Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

If the assembly has already been compiled and stored in Temporary ASP.NET Files due to an admin user hitting the page, there are no problems for subsequent users.

Using Assembly.Load() throws System.IO.FileNotFoundException

Note: intellisense had picked up the functions in managed.cpp.See for more info about how Fusion has implemented the download cache.Calculating holidays and working days is a function that is often needed yet it is not one found within.Things were fine until I added an installer to the project to perform some custom actions.

All updated dependent assemblies show correctly - new ver., pub key, paths, names, etc.Running NuGet command-line on Linux. assembly mscorlib.dll was not found or could not be loaded.This is basically a reminder post, but you might find it useful.Those are expected failures when the ResourceManager is probing for satellite assemblies.This information is exactly what a developer expects to see in an exception message.We have a fairly big SharePoint project where we use TFS, kicking of a build runs some tests and everything.WRN: Comparing the assembly name resulted in the mismatch: PUBLIC KEY TOKEN.If the assembly is not found. Assembly2.dll. If Assembly2 is not found at.

Gets the Type object with the specified name in the assembly instance and optionally throws an exception if the type is not found.See: PRB: Access Denied Error When You Make Code Modifications with Index Services Running.You may also get this exception if an unmanaged dependency or internal module of the assembly failed to load.