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Based on this message, it can be assumed that Google retains your search history so it can.Tip: In the future, you can quickly access this section by going directly to the Activity controls section.

Google now let users delete their Google Voice Search history.From the My Activity homepage, select Activity controls from the menu on the left.Google Search Help. See or delete your activity in the Google app.

Once prompted, enter your Google account username and password.However, for others, the information in My Activity may cause a privacy concern.

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Deleting Your Search History From Search Engines. with the fact that their search history is kept online.Deleting Google history takes a few steps, depending on what Google history you mean.To view, edit, and disable this feature, follow the steps below.My android Galaxy Nexus device is almost full and it seems to be getting slow.

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When you log into the Google My Activity page, all recent web search results are shown for the different services, as you can see in the image above.Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google.The third section allows you to filter deleted content according to product or service.

Here are step-by-step instructions for deleting Google history.

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Sign in to save your search history settings and roam them across different browsers and computers.

How To Clear Google Search History

However, disabling this feature will prevent anyone who has access to your computer and your Google login information from viewing your search history.

At least since the Android 4.4 KitKatnew commands update which integrated.Find quick answers, explore your interests, and get a feed of updates on what matters.A new Google feature allows you to download, delete, and disable your entire Google search history.

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To begin, select Delete activity by from the menu on the left.

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The second section allows you to select a specific range of dates.Google released a new update which makes it possible to export your complete Google search history.

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Steps on how you can view, edit, and disable your Google services search History.

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Follow our quick guide down below to delete Google Now history as well as any information that Google has been collecting on you.Note that pausing this feature may hinder certain performance aspects of some of your Google services.

Tip: Keep in mind that Google still logs every search query and associates each query with your IP address, even with this feature paused.Search for events in your Google Calendar with the Google app. Use your voice to get more from your search.

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This feature is useful for those who need to view their search history or would like a general idea of their searching habits.

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We understand a company knowing so much about you can be concerning.

Your song search history is stored in Google Play Music - as long as you go to the right link.A computer user poses in front of a Google search page in this photo illustration taken in Brussels May 30, 2014.

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Your history will be displayed by time up to three weeks back, by site, by most visited, and by.