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Hi I would like to suggest why dnot u use u r 3750 for intervlan routing.

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Anish A different way to approach this is to use the 3750 for inter-vlan routing and the 3800 router for WAN routing.Wireless LAN routers have definite advantages over access points when connecting multiple devices to a broadband network.

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Trending Topics - WAN Cisco gre tunnel Cisco vlan issues Cisco usb console driver redistribute bgp into eigrp Cisco bpdu guard Cisco no ip redirects Cisco virtual comm port 00 failed Cisco rv042 firmware Cisco rai detected.Which is the LAN interface on your router and which is the WAN interface.

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By WAN ip I mean a regular public IP, which the router uses and all the laptops connecting to it use DHCP to get online, the simple.

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A router cascade means that 2 or more routers are connected to each.

How can I use the internet when I connect to the second route.Typical applications for NAT is router which connect to LAN with the WAN.If its in the ISP control there is a fair probability of ISP Blocking ICMP and restricting telnet access to their devices from the Customer side which happens mostly.Trending Topics - LAN Cisco gre tunnel Cisco vlan issues Cisco usb console driver spanning-tree extend system-id span rspan erspan Cisco bpdu guard Cisco bgp backdoor Cisco no ip redirects srr-queue bandwidth share.

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Performing these simple troubleshooting steps (performing a loopback test) will help you determine if the LAN or Internet (WAN) port of your router is still working.I know one can add a router to an existing network and connect via a LAN port to use it simply as a switch, or connect via the WAN port to make use of the added.

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If I am logged into the router, I can not connect from the router to the outside world, but it will connect to machines inside the LAN. (LAN) 192.168.5.x.But with this config the IP address of the router will change from the current one.

Hi Andrew I am still bit unclear on the actual network setup in question here.I can ping from LAN to WAN, router to LAN, but not router to WAN.To buy preconfigured WAN-LAN router sets from North Shore IT, click here.

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Connecting your LAN to a WAN using DSL or Cable Modems 4 Figure 1.Hi Andrew The WAN Side which we are talking about is managed by You or ISP.