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Here is the list of must-have new Xbox One games for the month.XII tells an epic tale of Dalmasca, a small kingdom caught between the perpetual warring of two massive empires, and a scrappy group of underdogs who come together and stand up against the tyranny of their invaders.

Using the Oculus Touch controllers, players wield blades, guns, and other weapons to hold off the onslaught of horrific creatures and discover where exactly the beasts originate from.Order a pizza, invite over one to three friends, and try out the best new board games.That should be more than enough to keep us sated until next month, when the flow of high-profile new releases will really start to pick up.What are the best upcoming PC games and the new PC games to keep an eye on this year and next.

Wondering which upcoming multiplayer online games to play in 2016.Running into other groups of exiles will lead to the Rite, a sort of sport that serves as.

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The games currently in an early access beta on the Steam store, and we could see a final release in the not so distant future.The Killing Floor franchise has always been popular among gamers for the tense, frenetic pace of the action.Get your Sagan on with these 45 awe-inspiring photos of the final frontier.Star Trek: Bridge Crew includes AI companions that can take on the other positions when necessary, but playing with friends makes the experience so much better.Losing a Rite will never lead to a total defeat, however, as the developers have promised a branching story that proceeds no matter what, with no strict fail state.

Developer Flaming Fowl Studio was formed by several former Lionhead employees, who brought their pedigree of working on the Fable series of role-playing games.The latest addition to the series combines those same elements with virtual reality to immerse players in deeper than ever before.Of course, Rock Band VR is a bit different from the previous games in that it only features the guitar, rather than all four instruments.Google experimenting with what ads might look like in VR 2 weeks ago.

The idea of being placed in the center of the action makes sports sound more thrilling and exciting than ever before.

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The best new video games for July include a new digital CCG, a remake of an under-appreciated RPG, and the latest from the makers of.See how well critics are rating upcoming PC video game releases at

Find the release dates of PlayStation 4 games coming out soon.

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The Best and Most Anticipated upcoming new free MORPG Games and MMO games for PC.

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According to the development team, Rock Band VR is a relatively new idea.Players will soar above an abandoned Paris some 50 years after humanity has disappeared from the face of the earth.

Virtual reality has seen a massive boom in horror titles, as the sense of immersion makes the terror all the more real.Ever wanted to spin a gun around your hand like an old west gunslinger.Eagle Flight will have a single-player mode, as well as up to six players in a single multiplayer match.Huge selection of board games, table top miniatures, collectible card games, role playing games, collectible miniatures, accessories and more.Chronos eschews the notion that the best VR games are first-person experiences.