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How to Change the Outgoing SMTP Port Number in GroupMail. Featured. (which some mail servers like Comcast and Gmail require) 4.

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Gmail is a fantastic webmail application, but some people find it handier to.If the Server port says 25, remove and type in the alternate port 2525 or 587.

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Whether you may be troubleshooting your mail client or setting it up for the first time, these instructions will walk you through an important part of making sure you are successfully sending mail.

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At the bottom of the account details you will see the Outgoing server and port number field.

Windows Live Mail 2011 Instructions for Changing the Settings re:-- Outgoing Mail Server Port Number.Select the option to Override default SMTP port and type in 2525 or 587.

E-mail Software Setup Credentials. Incoming port with SSL enabled: 993: 995: Outgoing (SMTP) Server: Outgoing port with TLS.Gmail Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server: Use Authentication: Yes Port.From the settings screen you will want to choose Account settings.If multiple accounts exist, select the server you wish to edit.

Troubleshoot Gmail SMTP Server Connection. Gmail SMTP Server and Port Settings.Smtp server and Port number for google,,etc. (SMTP): Port number: 995 The Google Gmail SMTP Server requires an encrypted connection.

Then each week in The Ask Leo!.How to Find the SMTP Port Number in Outlook 2013. Many email accounts will require you to know the incoming and outgoing port numbers.From the Internet Accounts screen, choose the Mail tab and select the account you wish to edit by double clicking the account or highlighting it and selecting Properties on the right.

Select the account you wish to edit by double clicking the account or highlighting it and selecting Change.

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There are many ISPs that are now blocking the default outgoing port that many mail clients set up automatically. (Port 25) They do this to protect users from spam and viruses that direct infected machines to send through the default ports.Secure Transaction: For your protection, this website is secured with the highest level of SSL Certificate encryption.Basic IMAP account settings for Outlook 2016 for. server is likely Override default port. POP account settings for Outlook 2016 for.From the Account Information screen you will see the last option on the bottom of this page is Outgoing Mail Sever (SMTP).The following are the Gmail SMTP server and port settings for sending emails through Gmail from any email client program:. set Gmail SMTP server address as smtp.

Secure SMTP (SSMTP) - port 465. (Google Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL, etc).The error may say that the software is unable to connect to your outgoing server and to contact your service administrator or Internet service provider.

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Amazon SES requires you to use the SMTP port 25, 465 (with a secure SSL) or 587.

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Do you know what my google mail server address and port number. for Google mail inbox server and port. Google Apps SMTP relay (recommended) Gmail.

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Select the option on the left for Outgoing Server (SMTP) and select the SMTP server you wish to edit.If the Port is set to 25, remove and type in the alternate port 2525 or 587.Your messages are starting to gather in the outbox but you are not getting any noticeable errors.Typically changing the port to either 2525 or 587 will resolve the issue.Since we use their API, you only need to fill out the following fields.