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Hmm, when I type ports into my 32 bit Essbase agent window, I get: Waiting for Client Requests.In addition, they did not install the application using the multi-user install, instead the installed the dedicated user install which causes all the user specific files in the Program Files\lotus\notes\data directory instead of in the Documents and settings directory structure.Learn 10 functions in NI-DAQmx and Handle 80 Percent of Your Data Acquisition Application.

I have read all the posts I can find and implemented the recommended xml script enhancements, but it still is not working.Hi Fluxengr-You are correct in saying that the example is just creating sample data.It will be dependent upon the speed of your system and the number of additional processes running, but always present.Good luck with your application.Spencer S.HSS -, AAS -, Essbase - (64-bit) OS: Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) 2003 R2.The card was not supported until the DAQmx 7.4 driver release.At this point I would suggest you to call your local NI Office to talk with an ISR who can help you find the best and cheapest solution according to your application.Reply to this message Add author to My Watch List View original format.The cache setting affects how many blocks (uncompressed) can fit into memory, so the type of encoding has no affect on it, what you do need to look at is the data cache hit ratio on the statistics tab.

You can get to the number by right clciking on the server, selecting Edit, and then Properties.Need to Convert from Waveform or Array of Waveforms to an Array in Labview 6i I am currently using the AI hardware trigger VI to do a data collection scheme.This is where the IO loop will constantly poll the read buffer.Instead, the ACK remains low or slips into a tri-state mode where it just follows the load.One of the guideline to determine to choose buffered vs direct IO is how much data is being transferred.The example is located in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\CVI71\samples\daq\AiLet me know what behavior you observe when you do this.My humble opinion is use the standard web model (servlet, jsp) with update per page transfer and scratch this idea since this is a web application and not a traditional application.So the counter must reset before starting every new measurement.Obviously the counter will not reset in a buffered event counting measurement.

But when i try the same at higher update rates i either miss out some data or read some junk data.Interesting, bacause like you say Essbase is not supposed to use that memory.Regards,Corey BidmeadClarity Systems.

The pattern will be triggered by the rising edge of an external digital input and will be routed to an external digital output.I attached a file which defines the pattern (timing diagram).This will be the most precise way in which you can control the timing of when the acquisition starts.

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Hope that helps. Good Luck.RonApplications EngineerNational Instruments.In the example, does the DIO write within the loop serve a purpose other than reporting the number of iterations.

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I am searching for an example of Continuous Pattern Output from a Binary File (or from a buffer) in c.Combined with the NI LabVIEW graphical development environment and NI TestStand test management software,.

Thus, I focus on Labview buffered technique and search to optimize it.I do not think you can modify the login buffer size on these platforms.

Data is continously coming so I am using the double buffered.For example, a pattern of 19 bits I would need to output is: 1010101011001110100, and this on the same channel over 19 clock transitions.

Both are also possible using an NI 9472 in a CompactDAQ chassis.In any case, I will try it with another laptop, and with minimum number of applications open and freeing all the USB ports(mouse, pendrive, etc.). We are more or less on the minimum transfer rate we need for the application, but as we were expecting a lot more (which we will eventually need in the future) I was asking for support.

Similarly for every trigger signal received the Output Mark should automatically be pointing the next set of data.Nevertheless I started with Buffer Pattern Output and added the Pattern Input capabilities to it from scratch, so now it works.But in TechNet Library the %SYSTEMROOT% is documented. (WS.10).aspx.

To achieve better performance the first idea here is to write into a Tab buffer.

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I think it should be easy to do this, but I am still very unfamiliar with Labview.I can repeat the test and the error is always in the same spot.This white paper details the buffering behaviors LabVIEW uses for network-published shared variables.