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The DNS setting on their Sonicwall WAN connection are those of the ISP.Remember, the Sonicwall you are configuring is the initiator of the VPN connection so it has to know what it needs to connect to.On the Local Networks select LAN Subnets from the dropdown list.

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To enable the remote traffic to get to azure we just had to add the azure network as a remote destination on the vpn setup.That is the reason I could connect to my Exchange server when my WLAN on the Slave SonicWall was not bridged.

On the Network tab you do the same thing as you did the first time around only this time the Remote Network will be the LAN behind the master Sonicwall.Site B and Main Hub A can both talk to each other okay on their main lans but Site B cannot see a second subnet (Site C) connected to the main hub A.Openswan-Sonicwall VPN tunnel. It sounds like you are trying to connect to the site-to-site VPN, but WAN Group VPN is not a site-to-site VPN configuration.We tried to add the azure network as a local destination on the Azure VPN on the main site, that does not work.

Only thing I suggest is that you ensure the firmware on both units is at the same level or a s close as possible.If you are going to have multiple remote sites coming back to a main site then it only makes sense to make the main site the master.

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I would like to know your experience with SonicWALL site-to-site VPN and it.

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On the Advanced tab the only change is to ensure the Enable Keep Alive is ticked.

Sounds to me like you need a return route to match the route you have on Main hub A to Site C.

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If any of this is wrong you can get errors similar to what you are seeing.

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The problem is that users in the Cisco LANs can only access the Sonic firewall and not hosts in the Sonic LAN.

Also, my post was Sonicwall specific for setting up VPN between Sonicwalls, the process may not work according to plan with non-Sonicwall.

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These easy steps shows how to setup VPN between SonicWALL and.Sonicwall Site to Site VPN with OSPF in 10 minutes - Duration: 8:28. beefeaterism 685 views. 8:28.One thing I would suggest would be to strip out all of the 9 subnets except one and ensure you have traffic flow properly between the two endpoints then add each subnet back into the the config, one by one, and ensure traffic flows correctly.Funny thing is if I delete the VPN Config on the offending SonicWall and re-create exactly as before, the tunnel comes up. but. drops again shortly.These two items in place should force all traffic from the remote site to route over the VPN tunnel and out to the Internet via the central site GATEWAY IP.I checked the gateway on the laptop and it is pointing to the remote Sonicwall.

Generally scanning is NOT enabled on the VPN connections but check anyway.There is not any traffic flowing through this connection most of the time.I think you have the VPN itself set up correctly, the problem exists at the inside edge after traffic hits the firewall.This methodology allows for much more complex settings (network, routes, and so on) but also requires a lot more configuration.I have to admit that I have not actually setup in this fashion myself so I might have to lab it to come up with a cleaner answer.The reason I do this is the process pretty much never fails, is easy to troubleshoot and can be completed in minutes.

If your workstations pick up DNS from the local Sonicwall you should check what you have in the DHCP settings.

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We are looking to set up a site-to-site VPN between our buildings.IF you can clearly define what segments lie behind one gateway (say the 4060) then you might be able to get away with the simple config methodology.I would recheck the settings for both Local and Remote Networks and verify you have covered your bases.I factory reset the Sacramento side and walked through it again.Configure ExpressRoute and Site-to-Site coexisting. network using Resource Manager deployment model and creating new ExpressRoute and Site-to-Site VPN.