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This useful and light weight application will let you check the most.The smallest things annoyed me in iOS, like not being able to delete the Newsstand app.This doc is hidden because your selected API level for the documentation is.

There are now many high-quality Android apps out for a variety of things just like on the App Store.This also means you get Android software updates quickly (GPE S4 owners saw the 4.3 update just 9 days after the announcement).Android regularly receives bad rep for its horrible battery life.Android design and tablet optimization with StudyBlue and Handouts. more services, better Android apps.

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Intents continue this feeling that using Android is one fluid experience.I just logged into my Google account and my apps began installing along with preferences intact.I had previously searched traveling to Tokyo and Now displayed more information about Tokyo for me to explore at my leisure.

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Many apps on android are better designed with material design.Remember the first time you discovered those shortcuts in Ikea.Find great deals on eBay for battery for android and battery for verizon android.The battery drain resulting from Cell Stanby can be reduced by switching your Mobile Networks.SuperBetter increases resilience - the ability to stay strong, motivated and.

This site uses cookies to store your preferences for site-specific language and display options.It produced more pronounced and quicker vibrations, which I found to be an improvement with keyboard haptic feedback.New issue Search. for Advanced search Search tips Subscriptions. List Grid. 1.

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I was trying to find out why Android felt so remarkably different to use, beyond aesthetics.I use Lookout for this and Google just released Android Device Manager.The back button allows you to navigate through your history of pages, apps and menus.The Android operating system is no longer the new kid on the block fighting against the Apple iBehemoth.

Want to customize the LED color or each type of notification.To the user, it appears as a modal dialog asking what app they would like to use to complete the intended action and if they would like that app to handle all such requests in the future.Contact syncing was a great feature, but I made do by exporting from the OS X Contacts app and importing to GMail Contacts.

The Chromecast feels like the first turn in the right direction.

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The visual language is very no-frills, if a little basic at times.When you think of getting a tablet, chances are the iPad or Android tablets come to mind first.However, Google Now is what genuinely makes this experience magical.

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Microsoft took some shots at Google and Android tablet makers this week when it released a white paper that claimes Windows tablets are a better choice for education.Then I got used to the Google Calendar widget I placed on my home screen.

The Android back button makes this browsing experience even more pleasurable when going back and forth between pages on news sites.Use NFC Task Launcher to automatically change your settings based on location.

Send text messages from your desktop using your own phone number with MightyText.To get that little more oomph from your device, sometimes you may need to calibrate the battery to get better performance.You can use Farebot to read your NFC public transit card to display recent trips and value left.But if Microsoft has learned from previous mistakes, they might be able to make something out of their new os.I wanted the ability to travel with an easily swappable second battery.