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I have been using Windows XP since the begining, and I know this error is new.It should be third on the list after clicking Tools in IE6 just under Pop Up Blocker.Turns out our IE6 error was because of one of our add-ons by the way.One of the first hits when I searched was to update Windows XP with SP1. Ha.

Error: "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and

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Being at the end of my teather I thought it must be worth a go, so I hit the button.Took you advice (completely), and clicked off ALL the Tool Bars at the top of IE7 above.Microsoft created the browser that the ActiveX control runs in.

My kids can now use the site with no problems, and I have gradually gone down the add-on list and re-enabled everything one by one, firstly checking the site lets me in before doing so, and it has done.Is this something that either of you has experienced, is IE7 intentionally not letting me save as I did before.From what I have read it is because of add ons that you have or spyware.A problem with this website cause Internet Explorer to close. the Microsoft Partner Program.IEXPLORE.EXE - Application Error. god damn time I close the Internet Explorer. after I close the program.

Learn how to close Internet Explorer and other programs before installing Adobe Flash Player. close Internet Explorer and other programs.The pop-ups are. close all open programs and internet.Error: "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close." when downloading most software. - posted in Resolved or inactive Malware Removal: Windows...I have tried to optimize IE, disable add ons, download IE9. reinstall java with out any positive results.Have XP Home, Office 2000 Small Bus., and have Downloaded Serv.

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You do not need to get into too much trouble of worrying as you needs to understand that Internet Explorer.

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.

I now need to go to the main Topic area, and delete a new Topic I started in despreation.Unable to open PDF files in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer may flash in and out of focus or an error message may appear. Close out of all applications,.After I click OK and if ALL of IE windows dont shutdown then.

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This tread is new, no I wonder if anyone of you guys has the answers. please post as soon as possible.

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Computer also seems to come out of standby mode much quicker and with less hard drive activity.thank you.But I have not been able to find any strings or posts that relate precisely to my error.I switched from Firefox for a few reasons, but this and how slow IE is, is almost causing me to go back.You know practically every application under the sun that interacts with IE6 or IE7 has been discussed as the likely culprit.Ive even been ok enabling all my toolbars (google etc) though Ive left the yahoo one off. never really used it in the first place.Thanks karmatt1 and Waterloo Reader, I had this same problem, just appeared one day, deactived ElnkscamBHO and the problem went away.

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I too am experiencing the same problem -- have been for a few days now.

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This seems to have fixed Firefox and stopped the error msg on Outlook 2007. b.It is only on that one site and I have done all that everyone has suggested.Experts are full of valuable knowledge and are ready to help with any question.I have been playing a game: Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption, and when I try to transit to chapter two, I get the following error.

I want my computer to work the first day, not AFTER I have to track down issues that it was shipped with.

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Erik B. and 3 other Computer Specialists are ready to help you.I then read what would happen if I were to go ahead, and must admit at first glance it seemed pretty scary.Another Update: Before I uninstalled Adobe Acrobat to try to fix IE, I enabled my Google Toolbar add-on in Firefox (I missed my bookmarks).I have erased all files and installed Windows XP Professionall again, with SP2.Go to internet explorer help button and click Update now button.I learned alot and well worth the training session.Thanks for your assistance.