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We see Burt and Vicky (played by Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton) struggle to escape the small town after driving through and hitting a young, dying boy with their car.As for the zombies, they actually look pretty awesome, although their abilities tend to vary wildly from scene to scene.It still retains a little bit of that residual Hammer Horror feeling, though—billowing curtains and candles and ornate British mansions always go a long way toward setting the scene.

Year: 2012 Directors: Adam Wingard, David Bruckner, Ti West, Glenn McQuaid, Joe Swanberg, Radio Silence.Exclusive: Watch This Behind-the-Scenes The Fate of the Furious Clip.The success of the Korean zombie movie Train to Busan might have been a.Top 5 Horror Movies on Netflix to Watch This Halloween. look at the list of top 5 horror movies on Netflix that will shake.AllFlicks presents a complete list of all Netflix movies, TV shows,.

The Cenobites themselves get a little bit watered down from their nigh omnipotence in the original film, but the settings and effects are great for the meager budget and do as good a job as anyone could reasonably do of translating the twisted vision of Clive Barker to the screen. — J.V.Year: 2013 Director: Alejandro Hidalgo I earlier made the mistake of thinking this film was part of the prolific Spanish indie horror market, which has given us the likes of Nacho Vigalondo and Guillermo Del Toro, but The House at the End of Time is actually Venezuelan in origin.Essentially a one-woman, one-location show, it follows a rookie police officer on her first day on the job, working the overnight shift in an old police station that is about to be shuttered.

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After smacking one of them with his car, obese lawyer Billy ends up cursed with a spell that causes him to rapidly lose weight and waste away to nothing.Year: 2012 Director: Scott Derrickson Sinister made a pretty sizable splash when it arrived at the U.S. box office in 2012, with a reputation for terror that is partially earned.

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Films like this are careful to not present any of the other characters as equally or more sincere in their desire than that protagonist, because that would introduce real moral ambiguity rather than the illusive choices here.Year: 1996 Director: Tom Holand Thinner is certainly quite a few rungs down the Stephen King.

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Netflix has confirmed its second original TV series from Korea.The film focuses on a cult in a fictional Gatlin, Neb., lead by child preacher Isaac, who is convinced by an entity called He Who Walks Behind the Rows that all adults over 18 should get the ax.To be considered as a candidate for the list, a movie had to meet two criteria.

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These are the 10 best zombie movies currently available for streaming on Netflix Instant.The attempts at humor and characterization are so-so, but the FX and action work are top-notch for an indie feature, with great costuming for the zombies and lots of explosive bloodletting.By iHorror Author on February 29, 2016 Horror Comes Home, News.If this movie had been made in 1985, perhaps it would have been a minor classic. — J.V.

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No wonder they decided to bring in a carnival run by gypsies to cheer everyone up, right.First zombie movie from New Zealand: Brain Dead: Kevin Tenney: 2007.

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Everyone in it is a sleazeball—including our would-be protagonist, Billy—and the town is like the one in Napolean Dynamite, in the sense that failure and degradation just permeate seemingly every facet of the lives of its residents.Check out the list of the best series on Netflix and see which is your. 7 Best Series on Netflix. 7 Best Animated Movies on Netflix 7 Best Zombie Movies on.With that said, the performances are cheesy as hell—from both the adults and children. — Tyler Kane.What they can claim, though, is a decent number of more recent, solid indie horror pictures such as The Babadook, Starry Eyes or The Canal.Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors. is not only one of the best zombie movies to ever grace the. vs. Zombies). As for Netflix,.

While there are many more horror films on Netflix just waiting to be.From Dawn of the Dead to Shaun of the Dead, we span six decades for a look at the all-time best zombie movies ever. 16 Best Zombie Movies of All Time Close.

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Year: 2013 Director: Stephen Sommers 2016 was a year we lost numerous Hollywood.This is one of the most anticipated zombie movies on this list.

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In this 2011 horror comedy, a group of slacker friends discovers.The good news is that Netflix is the Halloween. get murdered by a group of backwoods zombies while hanging.