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However, your search engine can still link your searches together using cookies and IP addresses. 10 Tip 4 will prevent tracking through cookies, while Tips 5-6 will prevent IP-based tracking.Protect privacy from search engines using VPN services. Privatoria offers to take a look at the top alternative search engines that do not track you.For Google and its services, you can use the Mozilla Firefox web browser and the CustomizeGoogle plugin software.We get the results, strip out the tracking cookies, and deliver completely private, anonymous search results to you.

Search with StartPage by Ixquick in Internet Explorer 1 Click HERE to add StartPage to IE. 2 In the popup, check Make this my default search provider and click Add: Search with StartPage by Ixquick in Firefox 1 Click HERE to add StartPage to Firefox. 2 Select Make this the current search engine and click on Add.So, if you are a Comcast broadband subscriber, for instance, you should avoid using.Of all the services and tools that contributed to the evolution of the internet, search engines most certainly had one the biggest influences.Many PC users who do not want search engines to track them have added Search Privacy as an extension to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and other internet browsers.

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With plenty of privacy-focused search engines out there, you might want to know which is the best.About Page, Help, Give Feedback, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and About our Ads.

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The resulting political pressure (especially in the EU) may help to force the larger search engines to change their privacy.When you enter a search, we submit it to Google for you, so Google only sees that StartPage is searching for something.Many websites use tracking cookies with a unique ID number to follow you around the Internet.They range from straightforward steps that offer a little protection to more complicated measures that offer near-complete safety.

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Your search terms can contain private and sensitive information.StartPage search engine provides search results from over ten best search engines in full privacy.

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StartPage is registered with the Dutch DPA under number M1346973.With StartPage you remain invisible StartPage acts as an intermediary between you and Google.

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Install two different web browsers to separate your search activities from your other accounts with the search provider.Hackers and criminals also want your information, which they can use for identity theft or fraud.StartPage gives you the best of two worlds: Google search results, with complete privacy protection.

You share your most intimate thoughts when you search for information.Search with StartPage by Ixquick in Edge 1 Click the three-dot icon in the top right: 2 Choose Settings. 3 Scroll down and choose View Advanced Settings. 4 Scroll down, and below Search in the Address Bar With click the Change button. 5 From the list, choose StartPage and click Set as default.Thankfully, StartPage is legally exempt from any US data surveillance requirement.Cookies are small chunks of information that websites can put on your computer when you visit them.Simply visiting a page where these icons appear ensures that your visit to that page will be shared with Facebook and Twitter.

Among other things, cookies enable websites to link all of your visits and activities at the site.Just imagine a librarian following you around the library, recording everything you are reading.With StartPage, your privacy is our priority Your privacy is our highest concern.While we strongly urge users to follow all six tips, a lesser level of protection might be sufficient depending on your particular situation and willingness to accept risks to your privacy.EU Request To Retain User Data From Search Engines Sparks Widespread Anger.The search results can be retrieved from the major search engine.

MORE Add StartPage to your browser MORE Download the app for iOS or Android.It is unethical to profile you through your online searches and capture details of what you search for and what links you click.Although Google successfully challenged this request, 3 the lack of clarity in current law leaves your online privacy at risk.Unfortunately, it may be all too easy for the government or individual litigants to subpoena your search provider and get access to your search history.It allows you to communicate with another computer on the Internet without that computer, the computers in the middle, or eavesdroppers knowing where or who you are.Tor is not perfect, but it would take a sophisticated surveillance effort to thwart its protections. 14.

We never share your personal information with third parties, which is equally important.SurfEasy is a VPN tool that protects your online privacy and unblocks the internet.The best way to do this is to turn your modem off when you finish with your computer for the day, and leave it off overnight.

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People often view search engines as blank boxes to which they can pose any question they want without any consequences.Other search engines deliver results based on what they know about you rather than giving you equal access to the Internet.