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App Support Noodle Live. if you use this email address, it will also change your email password.My Google play store account and calendar are set up with an AOL account.After changing country, finally click on OK button to finish.

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I dont think that you will be able to download any apps not for the country you are currently in.The blame game is in full swing after the assassination attempt of a group of Republican Congressmen and Senators as...

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How to change my address in google play

I have since retired and my email account has been deactivated.I want to change the country from Russia to India in Google Play store.Please guide me to do so.I am currently using Samsung Galaxy SII.

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How can I transfer contacts from an iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S3.

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How could I change the owner Google account in an Android smartphone without having to wipe all apps and games.Login to Gmail, and press your profile, it will take you to the Google Account Page, where you will be having options to change the data you have already stored.

Open the App Market enabler and first Back up your current settings.So first of all go and turn on your android device and then just login to google account And then go to the settings after that just select edit profile.Now at the end select your country which you want.I am trying to find a market enabler but it gives me only 3 choises one history manager and one not compatible with my mobile and the other one is in italian and not working.

How to change my primary gmail account in Android phone

If you need to update your Google Play developer account information, you can make changes using the Play Console.To change your Country in Google Play Store just follow these steps.I have recently moved from Australia to the U.S. I want to update my address details so I can access apps that are only available in the U.S.

If you have moved to a new country, the easiest way is open a new gmail account in that new country, and then change the email account used in playstore to make purchases.

For changing your country location in PLAY STORE you need to follow these steps.

How do I change my Google Play account email address

Go to on windows machine so that desktop page gets open and click on my places.Google Play store is a very popular and trustful Android Market in India.The following is the procedure for solving the problem of change Country in Google Play.What is the way to change the country code of home dialing on Android powered HTC Explorer.Dear friend You can change your country by doing the settings in your email id by the help of which you are logging into google play store and your country will be changedI hope it helps Happy to help Thanks and visit again.

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Then the user name and password are to be entered for logging into the account.Google Play (formerly Android Market) is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google.How to access the US Google Play from any country, no proxies or VPN necessary.

How to change the owner Google account of Android smartphone?

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It is very easy to change country on Google play. for doing this you need to change a few setting.