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I have demonoid, but sometimes you cannot get newer software, unless it is popular.

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Even their splash page is mysterious and makes you want to join up.

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Anyone who desires to join these three listed in the article for any other reason than getting the same files is a moron.

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How Private Torrent Trackers Work: Inside The Next Exclusive, Invite-Only World Of Illegal Downloading.In this guide, we will not be going over ways that can cheat the system or trackers via your torrent client.Well, Torrent Tracker is basically the service for registered users which let them download.Top 10 Private Torrent Sites Since nowadays we are slowly starting to get good net. with a desire to find the hottest torrent private trackers on the net,.Craig is a web entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, and blogger from Florida.If you are looking for the updated fresh working torrent trackers list for September and October of 2016, please read my new article here.

Our members buy, sell, trade and share invites to the most exclusive Private Torrent review 2015 Polish Tracker is one of the oldest and best general trackers out there since 2004 with beautiful design and excellent speeds.The Most Elite Private Torrent Tracker Has Top-Secret Information, But It May Surprise You.You can get all the same releases as these private invite-only sites at sites like Bitsoup, Torrentleech, TorrentDay, Demonoid.

If you can offer invites, please do so on the answers part of this site.The Best 3 Private Torrent Trackers That You Should Be Invited To.What are the Top 10 Private Torrent Sites. Ip-torrent is also one of the best private torrent site. come join our new private tracker-supernovauk open now.

Torrents let you search through hundreds of torrent sites and private torrent trackers.Join a tracker which is open and make friends, some also have sections in the forums, where people can give and receive invites.If anyone can send me (email below) an invite to KaraGarga or Surrealmoviez or PassThePopcorn. then as a fellow movie-geek I can and WILL reply with an invite to Demoniod.Im new to using torrents and am curious about what sort of criteria individuals look for before they send an invite to their private trackers.

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TheOccult Best Sci-Fi Supernatural Private Tracker Registration Open.Guys, if you do get an invite from someone by asking for it via the comments section on an article like this, you are just going to get yourself and the person who invited you kicked off that torrent client.

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With Napster, WinMX, LimeWire, and Kazaa mostly in their graves ( SoulSeek is still around, I guess), the world of filesharing has made a swift transition to torrents.If you can get on those three trackers you are pretty much set in every possible respect aside from those who are looking for video game torrents.There are a few sites with categories for eBooks, but none that I know of that are specific to them.

Top Trackers: HDBits, CHDBits, M-Team, PassTheHeadphones, APOLLO,.Also learn about private vs public torrent trackers, but remember they are not anonymous.

High-quality rips are added to PTP faster than almost anywhere else on the net, and speeds are generally top notch.The best way to enjoy your filesharing experience is getting an invite to one of the many (but few illustrious) private trackers.Why dont you just come back home and be a hyprocrite instead of going to other countries and spreading lies.