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Chrome extensions are something a lot of people cannot live without.

If you want to know whether the website that you are browsing is trustworthy or not, you can certainly get this extension.

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Several extensions allow you to change the look and the functionality of your.Chrome has many powerful extensions to enhance and secure your browsing experience.

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Stuff that has a good reputation and are name brand are best to have but anything that has.

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Eight Google Chrome extensions to boost your privacy and productivity.

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Google Chrome is already the safest web browser on the market, but when it comes to security you can never be too careful.Some extensions change the look of your New Tab page, while others add new options to your.In this guide, you will get to know about the best privacy extensions on Chrome.

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The recent update for Chrome, brought new privacy and security features to the browser.

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They depend on them for productivity, notifications and a plethora of other useful things.

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Six browser plug-ins that protect your privacy Want to avoid ads and keep your Web wanderings private.Google logo on the homepage with the Google Doodle you select.Our extensions are fully self-contained, so we have no ability to collect any information when you use them.Hello everyone, I am interested in what extensions you use in Chrome and Chromium based browsers, I currently use: avast.In this article, we have handpicked 35 best Google Chrome extensions and plugins for 2017.Browser privacy extensions are one of the best and simple tools to use in order to control what data is collected on you.Here are 50 extensions that focus on privacy and productivity.

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Add new features to your Chrome browser or modify the functionality of your favorite.

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There are a ton of browser extensions that promise to protect your privacy, which leads to some natural questions: Which is the best.