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I thought that was rather lazy as the actual solution is quite simple once you understand it.

You could always root and update your phone to the newest android and get the play store working again.

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I looked on my running settings and there was not a running app know as google play or anything.

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From deleting Google Play services. Samsung Galaxy Ace wont connect to my home wifi. 6.

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Keep getting a notification a new version of Pandora is out, so I tried loading the Play Store.

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Would have never guessed that it was the time setting either.

It is also linked with youtube, i could not log into my account, it just showed the loading and no connection.That helped me log into play store with my LG Optimus G.beautiful phone I must add.even better now I can access play store.Troubleshooting Issues in Your Android Game. go to the Google Play Developer Console and navigate to your.

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And last thing Goggle would want is to NOT have the Play Store on the device.

I must have turned off Automatic Date and time when I was on vacation and wanted the phone to show the time at home instead of the local time.The wifi is working fine, i can use the browser, check my gmail, and use apps that require internet.

I had the same problem.very new to android tablet.had it about 2 days now.

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Adding and Configuring CSS Servers How to Connect to a Remote Server.For more details about the Android compatibility program in general, see the program overview.When I turned it back on, it worked. 12-28-2012 06:20 AM Like 0 1 Tanisha Reynolds hey, my name is Tanisha and i have a samsung galaxy young and i dont have an interent connection on my phone, however i would like to access google play to download apps such as instragram.

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I have an olympic PD10 that works fine and I believe this solution works for all.

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Cannot connect my Galaxy Ace to my Google account. Cannot connect google account to Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500. Server error launching Google Play Store. 0.HOW TO FIX BLUESTACKS FAILED TO CONNECT TO SERVER ERROR. but no change on the google server issue. Google Play Store Error D.The CDD enumerates the software and hardware requirements of a compatible Android device.I cleared the data, chose to force quit it myself and the same thing keeps happening.

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Damn i hope when i factory restore it fixes it. if not i can still use it.

Just copy to the root (not in a folder) of your tablet.How to Solve Google Play Store Server Error on Samsung Galaxy S3. I tried to access Google play store server with my phone but.Google Play Server Error Quick FIX. market enabler wont help bc it.I was able to connect to google play a couple of days ago, then the day after i couldnt connect.Google Playstore Problem- It wont connect. 05-31-2016 05:10 AM. 51 1 2 3. Jump to page:.You can get TouchDown from the Play...

You can use the CTS (included in the Android source code) as an ongoing aid to compatibility during the development process.