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Step 1: Open Your Network Connections Skip this step if you already know how to get to your Network Connections.

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Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile.It shows up on any of the Windows Operating Systems (XP, Vista and 7).If you have Search in your Start Menu (or a Search Bar at the bottom of your Start Menu) type in ncpa.cpl and press enter.

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I have a slow Internet connection, so I followed your tips and downloaded the.I may have to do this process again under 7 to see if it all checks out and is the same.Now you can defeat hordes of zombies and protect the earth from destruction on XBoxLive.If there are any differences, those, of course, will be updated.

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XBOX 360 not connecting to XBOX live but connecting to WiFi network. or lose Internet Connection. it said it could connect to Xbox Live and there were no.Now, before we begin, let me clarify that this instructable is for creating an Internet Bridge Connection for gamers with Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems on a laptop.You will have to create a passcode if one is not already set.Earlier today I got kicked off live, my system is connected to the internet.I can not purchase more live months because it says I already own it.

One, they want to keep things old school and fingerprint free with the discontinued, white and black matted XBox360s and two, what was once a hefty budget is now a not so hefty budget, so they do everything they can to save a little green.Options for playing Xbox Live on a strict public internet connection. up vote 1 down vote favorite.

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Most laptops have then in the back of the unit, others are on the side.

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Get help setting up your wired or wireless connection, and find out about solutions you can try if you encounter.

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You may also want to take this time to make any other changes to your other system settings such as Display and Audio.

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On the left side of the window, click Manage Network Connections.

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