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The 1080p rip is a masterpiece crystal clear and barely a gig.

Sometimes I will make more than 50 encodes of the same movie during this process, trying to get it right that one time.All I can speak of is my personal experience, and they are perfect.

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I ess curious about all the negative comments about yify and really wanted to compare for myself.They hate it that its so low quality and its passed off as high quality.With something this, the fact that people disagree negates my personal experience.Having problems with website today, check whether Yts server is up or down right now for everyone or just for you.

I wish this group could stop their operation and let the real groups do the work correctly.

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Both have their place and private trackers are certainly not for everyone, nor a requirement for getting good content.

Whenever I see a paragraph, its a task to read all the way through it.But there are apparently actual factors at work that lower the file size and lose some quality, but maybe not enough worth talking about for you.I still find funny how the scene hates some torrent releasers and accuse them of stealing.And that something happens to be one of the most popular torrent groups in the world and based off my ratio of upvotes to downvotes on my initial comment,a majority of this sub agrees with and likes as well.As hard drives drop in price, you can migrate the data from one RAID array to another.YIFY torrents has been one of the most popular websites of the recent times when it comes to downloading movies from the internet.Saying that, I come from a time of Cam Rips and 2 part VCDs, so what do I know.

We are a thriving community dedicated to helping users old and new understand and use torrents.Yify encodes for filesize, the scene encodes for speed, and other people encode for transparency.

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They do it all for the thrill and the reputation of being first.I have fairly high standards in terms of my media and everything I want can be found in publicly accessible forums, trackers and blogs without jumping through a million hoops like private trackers do to even let you get in.YIFY Movie Barely Legal Online Download Free HD With English Subtitle.

A new Linux distribution includes, by default, a piece of software that could make the end user liable for legal action.


I almost never see the 1000 because I actually know how to search for stuff.

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There are some good quality encodes available on Publicly Tracked Torrent Indexes.Download latest high quality (720p, 1080p) YIFY movies torrents for free.

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I have been using YIFY for a while now since discovering them.Also, 12GB is a pretty standard 1080p encode size when it has a decent audio track.


And please save your posts with all the numbers and the inside baseball crap.

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Our comprehensive review will show you if Yify-torrent is legit and whether it is safe.YIFY (YTS) Reaches Out-of-Court Settlement with MPAA. GO. MPAA takes new approach to bringing down pirate sites. YIFY reaches legal agreement with the MPAA.I just want to download things and give back where I can and share around.

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This YIFY movie downloads tutorial will teach you how to free download.Until someone comes up with a superior encode with similar filesize YIFY is going to be a fixture as one of the most popular.

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Those are numbers, after all, and they can be a little scary at times.They are near the top of copyright groups shit list, which means every other site is basically out of the crosshairs in comparison.YIFY has become THE most searched word on every torrent site. The Urban Dictionary Mug.On top of that, they care about their userbase, and that is something people often overlook with bittorrent sites. | Website Review for |

YIFY TV Series Download, The Latest Episodes, Featured TV Series, Popular TV Series, Top Rated TV Series, Full Season, Download Full Episode, Online TV Series And.Check and see if YIFY Torrents is not working for everyone at the moment, explore its historical availability and outage data.

YIFY notes that their legal issues are limited to DMCA requests for now, which they comply with as other torrent sites do.Once this encode is out YIFY download it and transcode using shitty settings to get the file size down. - Best Similar Sites | YIFY Movies - Easy Counter

Private Trackers HAVE better and more encodes than Publicly Tracked Torrents Indexes ever will.We ought to discuss based on facts not based on your inability to differentiate between shitty encodes from high quality encodes.

And then from there you have to slowly work your way into finding other trackers with TV shows and movies when 95% of what I want is in the places I look first time, and 4% requires a bit more searching.How People Are Caught Illegally Downloading Music, Movie Torrents.Also. the benefits of private trackers (compared to anywhere else) are undeniable.It may be different for someone else and all I care about is my personal experience.YIFY, a torrent service operated by an unknown group of individuals,.