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That said, copyright has fallen so far down our list of important topics.In that election I was lucky enough to have a communist candidate.As a more out there suggestion, there are a couple provinces currently toying with switching their electoral systems (PEI, New Brunswick and BC).

So you will need to try in win some seats based on the current system.After years of minority governments, people have gotten used to constant talk of elections.I think these people would find a great home in the Pirate Party if they knew we existed and advocated on their behalf.

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Party for the Inclusion of Reason and Advancement of Thought in the Elected, or the PIRATE party.Most ODs I know of are not due to the drug itself but rather the stuff they are cut with or what not.Also people will say all politicians promises things and just break them so what makes Pirate different.When you buy a Smartphone, it includes a Windows phone license from Microsoft: because the US allows software patents.However, when I read the platform, I realized that the Pirate Party was addressing issues that every other party seems to be either ignoring, or making worse.Many have their design restricted by Patent agreements with media cartels.

Get list of recommendations on how to improve your website mobile usability and performance scores.Gives a new meaning to P.I.R.A.T.E. party. Plus Pirates in history are revolutionaries who pushes boundaries.Young entrepreneur who can build websites, manage, sell, and fly planes.

Please submit the non-mobile version of articles whenever possible.I think that it is definitely evidence based policy that sets you apart, but its difficult to get that into a succinct and even remotely catchy name.

No information on how you are going to implement such a humongous government program.When extended to the Internet, copyright also becomes a restriction on the freedom of (virtual) assembly as well.Keep the name, because it does make some people uncomfortable.Visiting your website, I see a smorgasboard of ideas, but no unifying idea.If you asked a file-sharer in, say, 2005, if there would be a political party with a focus on, among other things, copyright and internet rights issues, you were more.

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Patents are stronger than Copyright in that they allow the Patent holder to prohibit the use of an invention (but only last 20 years).

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Voters for third parties may as well be non-voters for their chances of influencing the election, except that they also announce that a portion of people with a particular issue will, as a bloc, make themselves irrelevant.The Conservatives in Canada were screwed for a long time by the existence of the Reform party.Pirate Party of Canada:. you may not use them in a manner that implies Pirate Party association or endorsement without prior.Exactly, and obviously we agree that this is why we need proportional representation so that more ideas can be discussed in parliament in an official setting and help the cream rise to the top.The Pirate Party of Canada (PPCA) is set to conduct its first leadership elections Aug. 19 in what one candidate describes as a sink or sail moment for the.

IMO, there is no good reason copyright terms should be dependent on the health of the author.

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I will drop out of any race if a party adopts my platforms and commitment to evidence based policy making.

Link submissions must be about Canadian politics and recent.This is a great suggestion and one I have thought of as well.Mods, I am around to edit this post vs you deleting it if you see anything you want me to remove.I have some really cool technology I have been developing, I have scanned phonebooks and scraped 411 websites to have names and addresses of over 8,000,000 Canadians, I have tested this technology in the recent provincial election in BC with a candidate from another party and it had amazing results.Headline titles should be changed only when the original headline is unclear.

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We assume the poor are not stupid, and will know their situation better than anyone else.Personally, I have no idea what that might be, beyond perhaps more of a focus upon copyright issues.Downloading movies for personal study is still legal in Canada.

The best way to reach them is social media, but you need the platform to back that up.A - Accessible Data (Open Government, Open Access, Open Source, Open Data).The war on drugs is personally one of my number one issues, and I personally think legalizing pretty much everything is the way to go (decrim, while a good step in terms of not criminalizing users, does nothing about the black market and the violence and unsafe product that entails).All of that changes quite a bit with proportional representation, but under first past the post fringe parties are just drag on their own positions.When I first saw your flair, I thought it was a reference to a movie or something.We already have a good amount of support in BC so getting started here would be a big thing.Not just copyright reform, but basic income, data retention reform, privacy, direct democracy, electoral reform, etc.But I think you could learn from that party, where they were in a similar situation as you and grew with considerable political momentum.I mean, I used to be a little shocked about how moderate the stance on copyright reform used to be, but now considering giving up being pirate, yikes.