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At the remote peer: Specify the ISAKMP identity ( address o r hostname ) the remote office router will use when communicating with the headquarters router during IKE negotiations.Applying the crypto map set to an interface instructs the router to evaluate all the interface traffic against the crypto map set, and to use the specified policy during connection or SA negotiation on behalf of traffic to be protected by crypto.Enables weighted random early detection (WRED) drop policy for a traffic class which has a bandwidth guarantee.

To apply a crypto map set to an interface, complete the following steps starting in global configuration mode.I had a similar error where my fortigate was behind a NAT so I had to configure the sonicwall.You should see the tunnel has been established their as well.Note When configuring GRE, you must have only Cisco routers or access servers at both ends of the tunnel connection.This is similar to static crypto maps because they also require that an access list be specified.Certification authority (CA) interoperability is provided by the ISM in support of the IPSec standard.You should see a green dot indicating the connection is active.For each policy that you create, you assign a unique priority (1 through 10,000, with 1 being the highest priority).

Specify which transform sets are allowed for this crypto map entry.Tail drop is used for CBWFQ classes unless you explicitly configure policy for a class to use weighted random early detection (WRED) to drop packets as a means of avoiding congestion.You can create multiple IKE policies, each with a different combination of parameter values.Note Although Cisco 7200 series routers support intrusion detection features, intrusion detection configuration procedures are not explained in this guide.

Enables CBWFQ and attaches the specified service policy map to the output interface.This access list determines which traffic should be protected by IPSec and which traffic should not be protected by IPSec security in the context of this crypto map entry.

Not all QoS techniques are appropriate for all network routers.

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Remote devices need to be managed through a VPN from the central site when operating on a centralized IT model.Tip If you have trouble, make sure you are using the correct IP address and that you enabled the tunnel interface with the no shutdown command.Specifies the name of the protocol used as a match criterion against which packets are checked to determine if they belong to the class.

Configuring Site-to-Site VPN with Forefront TMG and Cisco

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Once a packet is classified, all of the standard mechanisms that can be used to differentiate service among the classes apply.The Site to Site VPN configurations remain nearly unchanged in TMG compared. so it should be easy for you to create a Site to Site VPN with Microsoft Forefront TMG.

Packets belonging to a class are subject to the bandwidth and queue limits that characterize the class.This command puts you into the ca-identity configuration mode.

If you specify digital certificates as the authentication method in a policy, the CA must be properly configured to issue certificates.Once a class has been defined according to its match criteria, you can assign it characteristics.

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